The Orion Nebula (also known as Messier 42) is a diffuse nebula, that can be easily observed under Orion’s Belt. The object is at about 1350 light years from Earth and is the closest regions of massive star formation.

The Great Orion Nebula is around 24 light years across.

It’s one of the most photographed objects in the sky. It will show even in short exposures, taken from a tripod.

M42is best observed and photographed in the Northern hemisphere during winter time.

Date and place: November 16 2010; Fundulea, Calarasi, Romania

Camera: Canon EOS 450D Baader modified

Telescope: Stellarvue SV 80ED

Exposure: 1x600s + 3x300s + 3x120s + 3x60s + 3x30s + 3x15s + 3x5s + 3x1s

Aperture: 6

ISO: 400