This popular group is famous as the Leo Triplet – a gathering of three magnificent galaxies in one field of view. Crowd pleasers when imaged with even modest telescopes, these galaxies can be introduced individually as NGC 3628 (left), M66 (bottom right), and M65 (top right). All three are large spiral galaxies. They tend to look dissimilar because their galactic disks are tilted at different angles to our line of sight. NGC 3628 is seen edge-on, with obscuring dust lanes cutting across the plane of the galaxy, while the disks of M66 and M65 are both inclined enough to show off their spiral structure.

Date and place: March 21 2010; Colibasi, Romania

Camera: Canon EOS 400D Baader modified

Telescope: Skywatcher 80ED

Exposure: 7 x 300s + 3 x 600s

Aperture: 7.5

ISO: 800